week 25 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuksWhat a week of celebrations! First, we celebrated Liam’s third birthday, though he doesn’t officially turn three for another week. Before Nana and Papa Karpiuk left, we had a little pre-birthday celebration with them, and Liam received an awesome red superhero cape that he’s barely taken off since. On the weekend we had a small Batman themed birthday party, and Lila dressed as Robin so that she could be Liam’s sidekick. I think they look pretty great together! 

We sure are thankful for the friends and family that helped us make Liam’s birthday special. He loved the Batman birthday cake that grandma made him, and it was all he talked about for at least a week leading up to the party – how he couldn’t wait to have Batman birthday cake! His favorite gift was a Merida bow and arrow set of his very own, from the Disney movie Brave. He’s been pretending for several weeks, so he was absolutely over the moon when he opened a “real” bow with arrows that he could use. It even came with a little quiver to hold his arrows that has a picture of Merida on it. What fun!

Liam’s birthday wasn’t the only celebration this week, though; Lila turned four months old. Time sure is flying by! The boys put together Lila’s crib now that she’s too big for her bassinet. Her first few nights sleeping in the crib have gone fairly well, too. Though we put her down on her back, she’s almost always found on her tummy with her thumb in her mouth.

I can’t believe Liam is three years old and Lila is four months old already!