week 26 - 52 collages 2013It’s week 26, which means we’re officially at the halfway point for 2013. Happy halfway point! It was an exciting week for us, because Liam turned TWO YEARS OLD this week, can you believe it?! On Saturday we had a big Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party and celebrated with family and friends. There were lots of balloons, presents, and of course cupcakes! Liam thoroughly enjoyed cramming his face full of rainbow cupcakes and icing, and setting up his new wooden trains & tracks. What a great day! Earlier in the week, we played in the pool, visited grandpa for a lunch date, and went on a bike ride and saw cows. Liam surprised us by requesting to “pee in the potty” successfully a few times, so we’ve started that adventure, too. What a great week! Happy 2nd birthday, Liam!