Week 27 - 52 Collages - thekarpiuksAnother exciting week of summer! It was a short work week for daddy, and the Independence Day long weekend proved to be full of unexpected fun. Sometimes unplanned adventures turn out to be the best adventures, as we experienced on the Fourth of July. We decided to go to a local park that we hadn’t been to in awhile, which also happens to be attached to a little train & transportation museum. Much to our surprise, the trains there ran regular back and forth trips to a small nearby town, and we had arrived just in time to board. Liam was ecstatic! He got to go on his first train ride, and we all had a blast. The weather and scenery were perfect, and it turned out to truly be a fabulous day and experience at the park. Though rain was in the forecast much of the week, we still managed to find a slice of dry weather to try out Liam’s new sandbox. (Winston also enjoyed playing in the sand and got plenty on his nose.) A dinosaur towel made bath time that much more fun, and we made some delicious salmon this week. To keep busy indoors on the days it rained, Liam transformed into a superhero and used Lego to expand his wooden train set with colorful tunnels and structures.