week 28 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksSummertime is flying by way too fast! We had yet another great week exploring outdoors. While biking in the back of our neighborhood near the small pond filled with heron, turtles, ducks and fish, we ran into a rather large turtle just hanging out in the grass and walking along the sidewalk. It was a great learning opportunity for Liam, and he got out of the bike trailer to check it out and we talked all about turtles. He was great about not touching and just making observations aloud. He learned that he had to be very quiet and sit very still if he wanted to see the turtle poke his head out of its shell. It was a really neat experience! We visited four diferent parks this week (some being first time visits for us!) just to get out and about, and I think my favorite was the little covered bridge park because the playground and walking paths were shaded with lots of big trees so we could keep cool while we played. We also checked out the “beach” park and watched boats whiz by on the water. We took time to stop and smell the flowers at the garden park, too. And there’s nothing like walking your best buddy through the neighborhood, too. We also got out some paints and went crazy in the kitchen one day. Liam is quite the little artist and always wants to draw, color, or paint something. (I wonder where he gets that from.)