week 29 - 52 collages 2013 - thekarpiuksWow. I think this has been our busiest week of the summer! Though it was also the hottest week of the summer, with temps in the low to mid 90s, we didn’t let that keep us from making plenty of memories both indoors and out. The week started with a trip to the vet for Winston, who was having some random leg pain. Liam was very concerned about his best buddy, and was so thankful when the vet helped Winston to feel all better so they could keep playing without pain. We bought a bike rack for the car, and Liam and I took our bike and bike trailer to a local park with several miles of paved, shady paths through the forest. It was beautiful! We found a little spot where Liam could get out and explore the banks of the river, and he found shells and bugs and all kinds of adventure there. We said goodbye to our local bouncy castle place, who closed their doors permanently this week; we of course had to go just one last time. (We’re really going to miss that place!) Our weekend was action packed, with a train ride on Saturday to a local farmer’s market with grandma, and our first trip to the zoo on Sunday, also with grandma and grandpa. Liam got to “drive” a train at the transportation museum, and flamingos admired (and tasted) Liam’s beautiful blonde curls. We got to pet sharks (Liam squealed, “I touched it! I touched it!”) and ride the zoo train around the park together. What a wonderful, busy week!