week 29 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuksThis week Lila turned 5 months old! We went and had lunch with grandpa and found time to play outside at the playground and splash park. We met a dragonfly that got stuck in our house, and Liam helped set him free outside. We practiced writing letters in chalk, and Liam is doing a great job writing his own name! Lila learned how to grab her toes and likes getting up on all fours or in push-up stance as she keeps working on crawling. Liam and daddy happened to catch a hot air balloon launch at the nearby local airport and stopped to watch the action. They launched three balloons in the air by our house, so cool! We met grandma and grandpa for breakfast on Sunday and the kids wore their matching M&M shirts that grandma and grandpa brought back for them from Las Vegas. And just look at those schnauzer snuggles!