week 3 - 52 collages 3014 - thekarpiuksI realized as I sat down to make this week’s collage that I didn’t take many photos. When I look back over the week, I realize that it’s probably because it was our first full week back at work and school, (finally!) and it was suddenly busy again! I worked late almost every day, and by the time we did our extra curriculars (my photography class, Lucas’ poker group) and had dinner and bathtime, the time together in the evenings this week left little time for photos. Although I did play around with my camera a lot for my photo class assignments. Winston was the subject of last week’s assignment that I turned in this week, and I practiced with aperture on the Joker. This weekend I worked on my aperture assignment for next week, which was a portrait of Liam. I’m learning a lot!

I worked on soap orders this weekend and took photos of a new product coming out next week inspired by The Neverending Story. Liam watched with great interest as I photographed the soap, and then proceeded to lay out a backdrop of his own (a pink towel) and use the old phone we gave him with camera capabilities so that he could do a photo shoot with his Cthulhu toy. It was hilarious! He is way into mimicking right now.

Speaking of mimicking, this morning at breakfast, the boys shared a banana with their pancakes, and like father like son… Liam had to have his banana slices on his pancakes, too. Adorable but gross of course. (Ew, bananas!)

The family decals that I purchased for the Batmobile (what Liam has named the van) arrived this weekend, and I couldn’t wait to put them on. Now both the Neon and the van match with their complete AT-AT and AT-ST family. Looking at that second little AT-ST reminds me that we’re now down to 5 weeks from meeting baby Lila… she’ll be here before we know it!