week 31 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksSee you later, summer! It was my first week back to work, though luckily just a short, four day work week. While the first week back went well, I was thankful for one last Friday off before we said goodbye to summer completely. Liam and I made the most of it by packing up our bikes and heading to our favorite park yet again to bike the trails and play, play, play. I sure missed his face this week! Being back to work kept me so busy that I didn’t take a single photo until our Friday off together. (Probably because I was physically wiped out when I got home each night!) You can’t really blame me, though… being on your feet all day and talking all day on top of that whole first trimester exhaustion thing… oh, yeah, I forgot to mention: we’re pregnant! Expecting baby Karpiuk #2 at the end of February, 2014, yay!

Liam was very excited to hear the heartbeat of his future baby brother or sister, and came home from the appointment to show Winston the ultrasound photos proudly. This technically was a few weeks ago, but we just announced publicly this week that we’re expecting, so it’s fitting to share these great pictures of Liam with his ultrasound photos in this week’s collage.

This weekend we took Liam to his very first state fair, and grandma and grandpa came with us! Liam saw diggers and tractors, was absolutely thrilled to meet and pet lots of pigs and other farm animals, and even shared some ice cream with me. What a great, busy weekend!