week 32 - 52collages 2014Our last week of summer vacation was full of firsts and fun projects. We finally made a proper patio in the backyard and over the course of the week, completely transformed our outdoor space. We went from a 1′ x 1′ cement pad to a 12′ x 13′ patio. We picked out and planted bushes along the back edge and did a little landscaping around them and the backyard tree with log edging and mulch. We also needed some shade out there, so we invested in a giant offset umbrella that we put up today. It’s perfect! We will really enjoy spending time out back with the kids.

Lila is all about firsts and milestones this week. She’s sitting up on her own now, and really pleased with herself about it. We’ve even caught her trying to push herself up to sitting by herself, too, but she only gets about halfway up from the crawl position at this point. Liam asked to help feed her a bottle all by himself, and it was really sweet the way the two gazed into each others’ eyes during the feeding. Lila went for her first “swim” this week in the baby pool with Liam, and the two shared toys and splashed each other. We laughed when Lila managed to crawl over and pull books off the shelf by herself to “read.” And then girlie had her first taste of solid foods this weekend, too. We started with bananas (gross!) and she seemed to have fun with it, or was at the very least curious enough to try a few bites. We can’t really tell if she likes banana yet or not, but I look forward to trying all kinds of foods with her now that the concept of solids has been introduced. Liam was super proud to be allowed to feed his little sister a few of her first bites. He’s so good with her.

Lucas and the kids came to eat lunch with me at work on Friday, my last day in my old position at central office. Tomorrow is the first day of school for both kids, and my first day officially back as a middle school teacher in the classroom after four years of working from the admin building. It will be Lila’s first experience with daycare, and Liam will be in a new classroom with new friends and a new teacher. And just look at Liam’s handsome haircut! As much as we love all of his gorgeous curls, they were getting a bit long and unruly so he got a trim just in time for school. We spent time this weekend getting all of the kids’ supplies labeled and packed up for tomorrow, and I think we’re ready! Over the weekend the kids “helped” Lucas and I hang a few things in my new classroom to prepare. It should be an exciting adventure for all of us. (And I bet Lucas is looking forward to less interruptions during his work day!)

Goodbye summer! Here’s to a fantastic 2014-2015 school year.