week 33 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksHappy first week of school! Monday was Liam’s first week back to school, and he was SO excited. It helped that he has his same teacher from last year (and he knows his other teacher well, too!) and that he recognized several friends from last year’s class, too. Every day his reports have been glowing, and on Friday his sheet said he went pee in the potty, and said to ask him what sound the letter ‘A’ makes… and of course he knew the letter sound! Sounds like his first week back went really well. It’s also GenCon week, the best 4 days in gaming, and several friends were in from out of town that I was so happy to see and get to have breakfast with this weekend. We spent a little time downtown checking things out at the convention center. It wouldn’t be a typical weekend without at least one trip to a nearby park, where Liam enjoyed swinging “way up high in the sky” and being a daredevil, showing us how he can jump off of everything. Daddy and Liam received matching WordPress shirts this week, which they wore proudly together. Lucas is a WordPress developer, so it was perfect. And of course, bathtime dinosaur is REALLY scary, right? (More like cute.) Another nice week for the Karpiuks!