Week 33 – 52 Collages 2014

week 33 - 52collages - thekarpiuksHappy first week of school! Liam and Lila both started school this week; for Liam it was a return to his old school routine, albeit in a new location with new teachers and new friends… but for Lila it was her first time with the experience. The first day was a little rough for both kids, but they were doing much better by the end of the week. On the first day, Liam leaned in to give Lila a big kiss goodbye before he left her classroom to go to his own. It was so sweet!

A surprise package arrived in the mail from our friends Michelle and Dayna, and Liam was thrilled to receive a big boy Batman cup, among several other goodies. Lila sure looked nice in the pretty dress they sent, for her 6 month photos! Thanks, Auntie Michelle and Auntie Dayna! (Also, can you believe Lila is just around the corner from 6 months old?!)

This weekend we finished up the backyard patio project; the boys got a wheel barrow so that we could clean up, and they built a table and chairs set. We installed solar panel lights on the ribs of the umbrella and in between the bushes for a little light when we enjoy the patio at night. It all came together so nicely and if the weather would just cooperate, we’ll enjoy spending time out there. Haha. (It figures – we install a patio and make it all comfy and then have nothing but crappy weather for a week.)

Here’s to an even more successful second week of school and beyond.