week 34 - 52collages - thekarpiuksSummer weather made an appearance this week and to beat the heat we played in the sprinkler. Liam drank mouthfuls of hose water and he and daddy splashed and tried to pour water on each other to keep cool. Though it was a pretty hot week, I taught myself how to fair isle knit, and knit Liam a train toque, my first colorwork knitting project. Saturday was a family-filled day, with another airport fly-in pancake breakfast in the morning and family dinner that evening. Grandma and grandpa and Liam’s cousin Will came up for the fly-in pancake breakfast this time, and the boys loved checking out all of the airplanes landing and taking off together. Dinner at grandma and grandpa’s house was fun, and we got to spend time with MY grandmas and Liam’s Aunt Lora and Uncle Herman, too… which meant more play time with cousin Will, and Liam also got to see his baby cousin, Jackson. What a great day and a good week. (But seriously, it’s nearly September, and I’m ready for some slightly cooler weather, ok?) You can tell we’re ready for the weather to cool off because Liam’s favorite book right now (that we’ve read every day this week) is called A Penguin Story, about Edna the penguin and her adventures looking for colors other than white, black, and blue in Antarctica.