week 37 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuksCan you believe there are only 14 Fridays left until Christmas? It stresses me out to think how fast the year is flying by! This was the first weekend it started feeling like fall. Lila had her (belated) 6 month check up and all is well. She’s so smiley and growing up too quickly. Just this afternoon she got grumpy a few minutes after being put down for her nap, and we found her “stuck” standing in her crib, unsure how to get back down. Oh, and she’s got her first tooth! We took the kids to the bounce playplace this weekend and Lila was fascinated with her big brother jumping all over the place and enjoyed watching him. She got to play LEGO with him, and we heard the first “Mama, she’s touching my stuff!” come from Liam. Let me tell you, kiddo… you better get used to it!

This week was spirit week at school and Liam got to wear his new Star Wars pajamas. He also made a pirate hat and eye patch and all of the little class pirates were yelling “Yarrrr!” when I picked up. Look at how cute my little pirate is! Lucas and I have started making our own smoothies for breakfasts this week and they’re pleasantly delicious. If nothing else, I’m definitely getting in my fruits and veggies each day! Speaking of veggies… as you can see, Lila really enjoys hers. Is there anything these kids won’t eat?! We’re grateful they’re such good eaters.