week 38 - 52collages - thekarpiuksLila is 7 months old this week! Her first tooth is really visible now and a second one is on the way. Teething is so much fun! (Said no parent ever.) The weather is starting to feel more and more like fall, with cool mornings and perfect sunny afternoons. Liam had to wear a sweatshirt for the first time this week, and he was excited to show grandpa that he was wearing a Colts sweatshirt. Last Sunday we ate dinner outside, and this weekend my parents came up and we grilled outside, too – look at the shrimp grandpa made! Liam and Lila have been playing together a lot, and Liam loved pushing baby sister around (gently) in his car for the first time. (And having daddy push him really fast around the living room and kitchen!) Our friends Bryce and Purvi visited for brunch this weekend and it was really nice to see them again and get a chance to catch up. Here’s to another busy week ahead!