Week 41 - 52collages - thekarpiuksIt’s the second week of October and it doesn’t seem possible that Halloween is coming up soon. We’re getting ready by making Lila’s first Halloween costume; she will be Anna from Frozen, to go with Liam, who will be Elsa. I crocheted Lila some Anna “hair” – a hat with braids. As Lila gets bigger and bigger (she’s growing so fast!) the kids have become pretty inseparable. They’re almost always playing together! Lila really loves school and recently did her first piece of school artwork: finger painting with grape jelly to make a jelly fish. It was a rainy week and Liam investigated worms on the driveway with George. We stayed in and read a lot of books; Liam has recently discovered “books on tape” – we were given a Disney storybook reader and he’s obsessed with listening to the stories over and over again. I had a hair appointment this weekend so we visited grandma and grandpa for a few hours. Liam had fun putting a puzzle together with grandma! On Sunday morning we let daddy sleep in, and the kids and I snuck out to pick up some fresh donuts to surprise him when he woke up. We saw the sunrise together, and Liam enjoyed a special Halloween cream-filled donut when we got home.