week44_52collages_thekarpiuks_thumbHappy Halloween! It was a fun week with lots of Halloween activities and costumes. Liam went as Batman this year, and of course, I waited until 8pm the night before to whip up a quick Robin costume both for George (his stuffed monkey sidekick) and Winston. On Halloween, which was Thursday, Liam got to go trick-or-treating with his classmates inside the middle school. Due to bad weather, trick-or-treating in our city was postponed to Friday evening instead, so Halloween was a two day celebration for us with double the trick-or-treating experience. The bad weather temporarily went away by the weekend, so we bundled up and played at the park, and we got a new picture of baby Lila at an ultrasound appointment. This weekend I canned some spicy salsa, and Liam experienced a big Canadian rite of passage – learning how to make Kraft Dinner with daddy.