week 46 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksIt was such a busy week that I barely took any photos! I spent the majority of my work week downtown at an education technology conference and had a great time learning and growing as a professional. Speaking of tech, Liam insisted on borrowing mama’s phone so that he could “also check his phone” just like daddy. Every spare minute at home this week I’ve been swamped in soap orders for my small business, GEEKSOAP, and working hard to keep up. This weekend Liam had a dentist appointment and was a real champ, letting the hygienist clean and count his perfect pearly whites without a fuss. (He then of course wanted to practice being the dentist by sitting in the dentist’s chair and counting mama’s teeth. I got in trouble shortly after this photo was snapped because he wanted me to open wide and “say ahh!”) Can you tell we’re in toddler-mimicking-everything mode? We did a holiday photo shoot with cousins William & Jackson and went out to lunch together afterwards. Liam and daddy got creative with LEGO by making an awesome guitar. You should’ve seen the way Liam shook his hips while he jammed on his LEGO guitar and sang us a song!