week 47 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksIt’s certainly been a super week. We’re in full-blown superhero obsession mode these days. It was “L” week at school, and for show ‘n’ tell, Liam wore his Super Liam “L” cape I made him last year, of which he insisted wearing even with his winter coat and toque. Due to the cold, they played indoors in the gym at school and Liam told me about the “skateboard he sat on” and how he “touched science” when they did a big science experiment in class. What fun! As we begin preparing for baby Lila in February, we moved the change table out of Liam’s room and got him a big boy dresser for his clothes. The box that the dresser came in was (not surprisingly) a HUGE hit, and daddy helped give it a door and turn it into Liam’s own Batman Bat Cave. Speaking of Batman, Liam dressed as his favorite superhero to go grocery shopping this weekend and did lots of “flying” down the aisles and showing off his super strength by pushing the cart for us. Our dear friend April gave us a special gift for Lila this week – a beautiful pink hooded towel with her name on it. Liam is still using the hooded towel that April had made for him, too! We will cherish those towels always.