week 47 - 52 collages 2014 - thekarpiuksSnow! At the beginning of the week we got a little snowfall; nothing much – just an inch or two – but Liam of course wanted to sing Let it Go while running through the snow dressed as Elsa. Just a typical day in the Karpiuk household! Lila turned 9 months old this week and also got sick with a fever for the first time – double ear infection, ick. On the first day she was home sick she crawled all over the house looking for Liam (who was at school) and couldn’t find him. Then she found him – a picture of him on the wall above the couch. She apparently “talked” to the photo happily for about 5 minutes. It’s adorable how much she loves her big brother. Speaking of love, Lila really loves giving kisses right now. If you say “kiss” or put your puckered mouth near hers, she’ll open wide and lean in to kiss you. Slobber and all. It’s pretty sweet! (Except for the slobber part. Gross!) Liam got a science notebook so that he could start drawing his observations. We’d been talking about the rocket ship that landed on a comet, and so Liam drew a rocket, complete with all of our family members inside, and told me that it was about to land on a comet, too. So awesome. And then he drew me a spider (and he knows I don’t like spiders) and has had fun writing his and Lila’s names all weekend. We also did turkey hand print crafts for Liam and Lila’s teachers, which was an adventure. We finally updated our family photo collage wall with our new family photos, and it’s perfect.