Week 49 – 52 Collages 2014

week 49 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuksIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… the tree went up last week, and this week saw the return of “Sparkles” our elf, but she’s pretty nice and just moves around each night. She’s not big on making much mischief yet, nor tattling to Santa (Seriously, how creepy is the book? She watches the kids all day and goes to tell Santa each night? I mean… have you seen these elves’ faces? It’s straight out of a horror movie if you ask me. Our elf on the shelf is more about just being fun to try and find in funny places each morning.) Anyway, our other new tradition for Liam this year is a countdown to Christmas (so he doesn’t ask every day whether it’s Christmas yet or whether Santa has come yet) with a Santa beard. He gets to glue on a cotton ball each day leading up to Christmas onto Santa’s beard. He loves it! Plus he can then tell ME whether or not it’s Christmas or Santa has come yet, haha. We even wrote a letter to Santa! Another first for Liam. As you can see in my classroom, he’s been practicing his letters and can write his name and other small words with spelling prompting, so he wrote several of the words in his Santa letter. So what did he ask for? He’s been asking for weeks about a Batman watch, so that was the first thing that came to mind. I tried to encourage thinking of other people who didn’t have much, and his next thought was to give Lila some more teething rings. She does tend to lose those, ha! We’ve been donating food to our school’s canned food drive, toys to the used toy drive, and we recently rounded up some toys to donate to Goodwill, so the idea is there… but when prompted to think of other people who don’t have much, Liam took that pretty literally. Yup, Lila doesn’t have many teething rings, and she’s technically someone other than him, so…

During the school week I kept finding random little notes stuck to my classroom doors in the morning. They were so kind! Just quick little post-it notes telling me that they enjoy having me for a teacher, or that they like my class. It sure makes me feel good – thanks for the random acts of kindness, anonymous students!

The end of the week and the weekend was a bit rough; Lila was home sick with a stomach thing on Friday so I stayed home with her, and good thing… then I got sick and then shortly after that, Liam got sick. Liam helped take care of Lila when she was sick, and then Lila helped take care of Liam when he fell ill with kisses. Lucas seems to have dodged it so far, the lucky duck. It’s Sunday night now and thankfully we’re all much better already so here’s hoping next week will be better.