week 50 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksWeek 50?! That means there’s only 2 weeks left in 2013! (And wow, Christmas is just around the corner.) Speaking of Christmas, this week was Liam’s Christmas program at school and he also visited Santa. We put up the Christmas tree last weekend, but this week we made a new tree topper. Liam painted two foam star cut-outs that we put together to build a new topper, and he’s really proud of it. The snow came down again and it was heavy and wet; perfect for making our very first snowman! Liam received his first magazine subscription issue for Highlights from great grandma, and enjoyed reading through his very own mail. A friend at work passed on a GeoTrax kit and Liam and daddy put it together in the living room this weekend. The vehicles come with their own remote, so it feels like a remote control car on the tracks. As you can imagine, this has been tons of fun! It was my birthday this weekend and the boys surprised me with Starbucks oatmeal and my favorite hot beverage in bed for breakfast. It was a really sweet surprise!  Happy holidays.