week 7 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksLove was in the air this week with Valentine’s Day being celebrated on Thursday. Liam made hand print hugs to mail to family members, and expressed “Eye love u” on his cards both for family and for his classmates; his first valentine exchange. Together we made a thumbprint heart pendant that I wore proudly, and Liam surprised me with a wooden painted heart necklace that he made at school, too, so I was extra festive this year, decked out in kid-made jewelry. One day this week it warmed up enough for us to go rollerblading, and we met a whole flock (or two) of Canadian geese on the path around the lake. The amount of art that Liam has created grew to the point where we had to add an additional (third) row of clotheslines up in the art gallery, and we now have masterpieces all the way around the room with plenty of space to grow. Liam has perfected his insanely cheesy smile, and loves to flash his pearly whites big and bright whenever I get out the camera. His great uncle would be so proud!