Week 8 - 52 collages - thekarpiuksIt was a short week for us, with Monday being President’s Day and a holiday for our family. Thanks to a sleepover at grandma and grandpa’s house, Liam was occupied while Lucas and I spent Sunday and our Monday off together in Edinburgh for a little getaway. We shopped at the outlet mall of course, and ended up buying some great new pajamas for Liam while we were there. (Yes, I realize that we spent our time away from the kid buying him stuff.)

Liam got a new coloring book from grandma and grandpa for Valentine’s Day, and he has been doing a lot of coloring this week since the coloring book is filled with Disney’s Cars characters. (His favorite!) Speaking of art, it was dinosaur week at daycare and Liam made his first pieces of dinosaur artwork that we hung in his dinosaur room. I especially love the hand print stegosaurus!

Liam really enjoys bouncing, so we picked up a little trampoline for him this weekend to encourage his interest… besides, it’s great exercise for him, too! Let the jumping begin. (Carefully.)