We’re Not Dead…

… we’ve just been busy ;)

As it’s the last day of November, I think it’s appropriate to reflect on the month. Earnings made it a busy month for Lucas at work, and I’ve been busy crafting up Christmas presents for our friends and family. Everyone on our lists are getting handmade gifts this year! I can’t really elaborate without spoiling things, so I’ll leave it at that.

Last weekend we celebrated American Thanksgiving and made our very first whole turkey in the oven. It turned out fairly decent – a little dry – but not bad! We also had mashed potatoes, peas, pumpkin pie, and pineapple pie. Mmmmm, and yes, pineapple pie is as good as it sounds. So are all of the cold turkey leftovers. Yum!

Oliver is in the process of learning a few new tricks, Lucas and I made cookies for his cookie exchange at work on Monday, and it’s getting COLD here. Ok so it’s my first winter in Canada, and it’s not even winter yet and I’m freezing. -18F/-30C is much too cold, though. Even Oliver thought so – he went for a quick walk to 7/11 next door with Lucas last week and did a funky “dance” in attempt to get all four paws up off the cold ground before giving up and lying over in the half foot of snow instead. By the way, where did Fall go?

December starts tomorrow, and that means I’m two weeks away from being 27, which I’m not looking forward to. The good news is that it seems we’re going to get to take a nice long vacation to Penticton the weekend after my birthday to see family and friends there for the holidays. How exciting! :)

Try and keep warm!