Our Pirate Pub Crawl 2006 was a success! We had 12-13 pirates in full attire yarrr’ing up and down 17th Avenue, making a complete spectacle of ourselves. We got a lot of comments from onlookers; some yarrr’d, some laughed, some looked at us as if we were crazy, (they’d be at least half right) and the best were the ones who completely tried to ignore us as if we were a normal occurrence. It was surprising how many random people on the street actually knew about Talk Like a Pirate Day and realized that’s what we were out celebrating for. One thing’s for sure: we drew a lot of attention to ourselves last night and had a blast.

You’ll find pictures from Pirate Pub Crawl 2006 in our gallery now – click on MENU and then MISCELLANEOUS and you’ll find it listed there. You can also see “the making of” photos that shows how Lucas and I made some of our pirate costume pieces, such as the parrots, shirts, and the famous peg leg. The peg leg – once shown off at the Rose and Crown – became a collection “plate” that some of our crew carried around and used to ask for donations to our cause, Pirates Against Sobriety, to random people we encountered on the street. The live band at the Rose and Crown sang a special pirate-themed song just for our crew and many of us joined in on the dance floor… which caused the rest of the bar to think we were part of the band, lol. We drank in rememberance of our fallen (and imaginary) crew member, Salty Jim. May he rest in peace down in Davy Jones’ locker.

On an off-topic side note, I’d like to add that as of today, the Chicago Bears and Cincinnati Bengals are currently undefeated in the 2006 NFL season.

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