Had my first set of dental extractions yesterday. Five teeth in total – one because it was a wisdom, but the others because they’ve decayed so badly they pose a potential threat to my oral health.

The appointment was scheduled to run 1 hour, but ran into 2. The first tooth had to be split into 3 pieces and dug out forcibly. After that, the others practically jumped out of their own accord.

We had some issues with the bleeding that didn’t get under control for about 8 hours, which was a little scary – but now we know better for the next set (I wasn’t applying enough pressure to the sockets with the gauze).

To be honest, my jaw itself hurts quite a bit more than any of my sockets. When he was trying to pry the first tooth out it was taking so much effort on his part he was visibly shaking afterwards – I hope he didn’t damage anything!

Anyway, if the postage stamp on this post doesn’t gross you out already, you can find high-res pictures of all the salvaged bits in the gallery.

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  1. That is pretty much what happened to me. They just wouldn’t let me keep the teeth because they were too broken apart. Well best of luck on the rest.