I found a face in my usual breakfast of Cream of Wheat this morning. True story. I prepared the uncooked mixture for the microwave, then tended to fixing a small cup of yogurt while it cooked. The microwave finished and I retrieved the steaming bowl, only to look down and see a face staring back up at me.

Sadly, forces had already been put into motion by the time I noticed this face that would blend it in and send it back to the nether realm from which it came, all before I had a chance to grab the camera.

So who was in my Cream of Wheat? I know some of you are on the edge of your seats right now, hoping against hope that I tell of a vision of God in the Crème de Blé. It wasn’t God, it wasn’t even holy, it was simply a laughing face that reminded me of Rich and I’s “Cheveux Heureux” logo for French class back in high school. It was either a reminder to pick up more shampoo at the store, (which I doubt since I just bought some), or it was just a face laughing at me. Which makes sense, since ten seconds previously I had accidentally dumped too much granola into what little was left of the yogurt, causing me to swear and attempt to scoop out as much excess as possible while the dog scrambled for a few pieces that also fell on the floor. That’s definitely worth sending a laughing vision my way to poke fun at my yogurt misfortune. I see how it is. *shakes fist*

In hindsight I shouldn’t have eaten it, and instead should’ve sold it on eBay. Lesson learned: inspect your hot breakfast cereal before stirring. You never know, stranger things have been sold on eBay.

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  1. i started watching ‘Miami Ink’ on TLC… and the lady who found the virgin mary toasted on her grilled cheese sammich (and later auctioned it off) was getting a tattoo of the whole thing on her tit because it was/is so precious to her.

    the tattoo artist said she’s not as much amazed that there’s a woman’s picture on the bread (which slightly resembles the religious icon) as much as the whole thing hasnt desolved yet… it’s like 10 years old.

    i’m glad you ate the cream of wheat otherwise 10 years from now… look where you could be :-p

  2. Ok, it’s confession time:

    I didn’t want to tell you this before you moved in, just in case it freaked you out. Our microwave is haunted. It’s been in my family for generations, and was originally owned by my great-great-great-great second uncle Vladimir (he went by Vlad, but in the family we had a pet name for him – The Impaler).

    He once had the King and Queen of Persia over for dinner and afterwards the visiting King and he took up a friendly money-game of hopscotch. Uncle Vlad only had one leg, and lost as to be expected – he was so outraged he cut off the King’s head and cooked it – IN OUR MICROWAVE!

    Now the King’s soul is trapped in our microwave never to escape, and constantly tries to communicate with us by making faces in our food. He once made a raspberry face on my toast, which I then covered with STRAWBERRY jam – he got so mad the entire microwave almost fell off the fridge.

    Now you know why I never, ever, use the microwave.

  3. I guess it’s best I ate it. You can see how crazy things like this makes people *looks at Lucas*

    Microwaves have only been around since 1947! ;) :P

    Miami Ink is a pretty interesting show to watch once in awhile. I, too, am amazed that a piece of 10 year old toast was still intact!

  4. it’s along the same lines as american chopper… with the very monotone voice over/narration that’s worse than a grade 8 boy rehearsing for a play.

    i think our microwave is haunted too. when i use the it and the toaster oven at the same time i bust a circuit… breaker thing… and shut down the electricity in half our apartment. then john cusses.