am I a saint, or what?

we moved this last weekend, on account of the rash of burglaries in our complex (including our own) and the murder down the street last week. this means the drive to and from work is new and exciting – there’s a particular spot about halfway where the highway goes over a river, which from the right angle is framed by rolling foothills to the left and right, and the rocky mountains straight ahead.

yesterday, as i was passing this point i noticed a young lady pulled over on the left shoulder with her hazards on. i slowed and pulled onto the opposite shoulder and noted that she had a flat tire, poor thing. it’s -60F outside, she’s stopped in the middle of a wind-through, and looks pretty scared that she’ll either get clipped by a semi-truck if she stays in the car where it’s warm, or get frostbite trying to change the tire on her own (assuming she even knows how, right?).

i flip on my hazards and pull off the shoulder to a safe distance, and hop out of the car. she sees me and a smile of relief washes over her face.

i smiled, and waved back, took the photo of the river/mountain view i’ve been wanting to take, and carried on my way.

i hope someone came along and helped her!