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Weddings and Glaciers and Snow Crabs, Oh My!

Congratulations again to Herman and Holly! Over the long weekend Lucas and I traveled back to Indiana to be in my little brother’s wedding. We had a blast! It was a really fun time and it was great seeing my little brother all grown up and getting married. And of course, Holly was beautiful. It seems like the weekend went by really fast, but I guess that’s because it was so busy. The newly married couple are now lounging on a beach somewhere in Cancun — I hope they get us a souvenir! We got back on (Canadian) Thanksgiving Day, so happy belated Thanksgiving! We plan to make …

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The Skies of Calgary

Every morning of the week when I head into work, I spend a good several minutes driving straight at the city. We’re literally 5 minutes from the core of downtown, and there’s this perfect moment that I look forward to, even on the dreariest or most tired of days, when I come over the slight hill around a corner and the Calgary skyline comes fully into view. It’s my zen moment; I see the Rockies off in the distance framed by high-rise buildings of varying heights and designs, and I can’t help but notice the sky.

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Back Home from Indiana

We’re back home from Indiana and enjoying one last official day of vacation.
I spent two weeks in Indiana visiting my family and friends, and Lucas came down to join me after his deadline at work was over to spend the second week with me. It was non-stop action; I think our itinerary was full every single day. That was fine with me because I’d not seen most of the family and friends back home in about a year, so the more I could cram into the trip, the better! I won’t bore you with every single thing we did each day, but some of the highlights include getting to spend time with …

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