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Musings on May Long

May long weekend was a quiet but nice one, ending with the explosive new Star Trek movie. But first, Lucas and I experienced the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus on Saturday after breakfast with friends Tom and Jamie, and then took an hour long rollerblade through the Eau Claire area and Prince’s Island Park. What did we see at the Jack Singer Concert Hall? Not your typical orchestral performance, to be sure. We attended Video Games Live 2.0 (Calgary’s second year doing it), where the music of video games came alive via the orchestra and chorus. They played a lot of great classic game soundtrack pieces along with some newer stuff, with some little surprise …

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Baby Geese

Normally I’m not a fan of Canadian geese. I know you’re wondering how this is possible, right? I live in Canada. How could I not adore the Canadian goose? I guess I can’t forget the evil ones that made a nest at the doorway of the old apartment I lived in back in Indiana when Oliver was a puppy. The things trapped me in my car and repeatedly went after baby Oliver at every opportunity, hissing up a storm. You don’t realize just how big Canadian geese are until they’re out of the water and chasing you on land with their wings spread. *shudder* However, I realize they were just protecting their nest. Especially after …

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What a Beautiful Saturday!

Calgary finally got some gorgeous weather. We did have a taste of what beautiful spring weather is supposed to be like (and what it’s been like for the rest of the world) a few weeks ago, but I jinxed it over on my craft blog and we ended up with some snow and very cold temps this past week. Sorry about that, Calgary.
Today was our neighborhood parade of garage sales; a lot of the houses in the neighborhood registered together and set up their yards and driveways with wares from 8am to 3pm. We’ve been excited about it for awhile, because lately Lucas and I have made rollerblading our pastime. Any evening we get the …

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