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am I a saint, or what?

we moved this last weekend, on account of the rash of burglaries in our complex (including our own) and the murder down the street last week. this means the drive to and from work is new and exciting – there’s a particular spot about halfway where the highway goes over a river, which from the right angle is framed by rolling foothills to the left and right, and the rocky mountains straight ahead.
yesterday, as i was passing this point i noticed a young lady pulled over on the left shoulder with her hazards on. i slowed and pulled onto the opposite shoulder and noted that she had a flat tire, poor thing. it’s -60F outside, …

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Engagement in the Canadian Rockies

Today Lucas and I took a day trip out into the Canadian Rockies to see how pretty they are now that more snow has fallen. We wanted to see something new, so we went to Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park. It was a really quiet, beautiful lake in the mountains with a small hiking trail and signs everywhere warning us not to feed the mountain goats. We pulled into the parking area and a little family of mountain goats greeted us. We pulled over and got out, and they walked right over to us and started licking the Neon — apparently they love the salt the car has collected from the …

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Happy November!

I have become one of those business suit and tennis shoes members of the downtown core.
Over the weekend we had a tiny wave or two of very light snow; enough to dust the ground and cold enough overnight to form little patches of ice on the sidewalk. As proud as I am of the fact that I am quite capable in heels and haven’t fallen or tripped since re-entering the business world after becoming a Permanent Resident, I don’t really want to tempt fate. There’s no sense in ruining my perfect record, right? Heels and ice with as much walking as I do back and forth to work doesn’t sound like a …

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