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the best quiche recipe - thekarpiuks

The Best Quiche Recipe Ever, with a Kid Friendly Twist

I realize that claiming this is the “best quiche recipe ever” is a pretty bold move, but I really mean it. The base is perfect with cheesy, buttery, fluffy eggs and it’s totally customizable by using your favorite veggie and protein. With or without a crust, it’s just as delicious. And quite by accident I discovered a way to make it kid friendly… and suddenly quiche became a HUGE hit with our two-year-old. I’m not even kidding… Liam raved about dinner and thanked me for making it at least five times during the meal. AND he had seconds.

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zesty salsa - thekarpiuks

Summertime Canning

This week I got the itch to can again. It may have been the plethora of pins I’ve seen on Pinterest lately, (Is it canning season? There seems to be an awful lot of canning pins right now) or a blog post about canning spiced peach jam by a friend of mine from high school, but I decided once again to can some jam (and try salsa this time) for Christmas gifts. Oh yeah, it’s JULY and I’m already working on/finishing up some Christmas gifts. Look at me go!
When I was picking out recipes, Lucas and I talked about our last canning experience, which we thought was just a year or two ago. Then upon …

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horseradish crusted salmon - thekarpiuks

Yum! Horseradish Crusted Salmon

As I mentioned last week, we’ve been really inspired by the fresh selections at our new local organic grocery store. Especially in the meat and seafood department! It’s been awhile since we’ve made fish, and I came across some beautiful salmon fillets today when Liam and I went shopping, so we picked up a couple. Now what to do with them?
A lot of times (and in previous recipes we’ve shared) we’ll use mayo to coat chicken prior to baking to help adhere a coating and lock in moisture. (Especially important when we’re using chicken breasts, which can get dry quickly.) I applied this same principle with the salmon fillets, but with a smooth horseradish cream. …

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