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hanging liam's artwork thekarpiuks

The Art Gallery

I knew the day would come that I’d look at the pile of kid artwork that I’d been stacking up in the guest room and make a decision. Do I keep them? Do I throw them away? They’re only going to multiply, like tribbles. How do I decide what to keep and what to throw away?
As I added another drawing to the pile this week, I swear that stack of artwork gave me the evil eye. It was reminding me that art in a stack is no fun. Art needs to be SEEN. On display and appreciated. And it was right.
I wanted to display all of Liam’s art that we’ve collected from school so far …

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diy bathtub bath tub paint thekarpiuks

Look What We Made: DIY Bathtub Paint

Christmas break is almost over and in looking back over the past two weeks, I realize that we packed A LOT of fun into our time off together. What a great vacation! This week it’s been really cold outside, and after feeling a little restless, we decided to whip up some bathtub paint to try something new. It was so easy, and I bet you have all of the materials already, too!

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reindeer thumbprint gift tags

Look What We Made: Thumbprint Reindeer Gift Tags

It’s officially winter break and our little family has two full weeks off together ahead of us. HOORAY!
It should come as no surprise that we wasted no time in doing some fun holiday crafts together here on day one. We needed some festive tags to mark all of the gifts we were wrapping, and I wanted to add a little personal touch to our packages.  I had recently been inspired by a thumbprint reindeer ornament I saw linked in a trackback to our Santa Hant Print Ornament post by Rachel Knows Best – DIY Christmas Ornaments… what a cute idea!

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