I think fall has officially arrived, but I’m not 100% sure because we’re talking about Calgary, where the weather is never a sure thing.

In my defense, we’ve had a day or two here and there where I’ve thought to myself “Ooh, it’s a little chilly out” as I was leaving for work in the morning, but as of Friday, there have been multiple days now where it’s actually flat out cold in the morning. Not just a little chilly, but actually cold. Friday morning I could actually taste autumn; it was definitely in the air. It may seem a little early considering it’s still August, but then I think back to how I blinked last year and missed fall; it seemed to go straight from summer to winter overnight. Maybe this year we’ll see a little more transition. I blame Global Warming. Regardless of what the weather decides to do here, we’re really hoping the weather holds out in British Columbia for the Labour Day (Note: Look! I spelled it with a ‘u’!) long weekend since Lucas, Oliver, and I are headed to Penticton for a little mini family getaway. We’d like to let Oliver go swimming in Lake Skaha for one thing, especially after seeing how much he enjoyed chasing the waves and actually swimming out as far as his leash would allow with us on the shore last time. We’ll be better prepared this go around and do a little swimming with him to see how he does with it. Pretty funny for a dog that gives off the appearance of being miserable when the bath water is high enough to touch his tummy. Our fingers and paws are crossed for good swimming weather.

So this week is my last official week at my office job. I say that with uncertainty… Thursday is technically and tentatively my last day and then we’re gone for the long weekend and then school starts for the CBE on Tuesday. The reason for the tentativeness is that I don’t actually have my teacher screening interview until this Wednesday. The plan is to interview, get offered a job, and then Thursday is my last day in the office because school will start after the long weekend. However, there are no guarantees until the interview takes place of course. It makes me so nervous! What if I don’t get anything? I’ll be back to the office job then, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just not what I want. to be honest, I’ve got my heart set on getting a full time substitute position for this first working school year. Mostly because I don’t know the school system, the schools, or the curriculum, and another part of me is wanting to test out the waters for perhaps teaching younger grades for awhile. With a sub position I’d get a feel for the system and be able to check out a wide variety of schools instead of picking one blind. I’d also get the opportunity to teach a wide variety of grade levels instead of just grade 4, and then maybe the following school year I’d know if I wanted to try for a permanent job teaching grade 1 or 2 instead. I student taught grade 1 and taught grade 4 for four years, and while I love grade 4, variety is the spice of life. I just hate being in an in-between spot not knowing for sure, with the start of a new school year quickly approaching. Hopefully I’ll interview on Wednesday and hear back before the weekend starts so that I feel confident about Thursday really being my last day at the office and allowing me to relax on our long weekend vacation instead of worrying. If I don’t hear anything by the weekend, I’ll come back to a short week the following week and lay low, waiting it out, and hopefully will hear by the end of the week, which will be the first week of school. I’m not expecting much need for subs the first week anyway. If I don’t hear anything by then, I’ll give my boss at my office job a call and get back into the groove there. I’d just really prefer to hear from the school board before it gets to that point. One thing is for sure… I’ll miss my office buddies! As for the teaching interview, here’s hoping!

Enjoy your Labour Day long weekends! :)

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  1. first….its not cold, as it never gets cold here lol (yes i’m weird…i love the cold hehe, also where i grew up i’ve seen snow by this time that didn’t melt til may :P). second… GL with your interviews :) hope you get an offer :)

  2. hehe ya it’s not really “cold” (yet, but -30C to me is cold in the dead of winter compared to where I’m from), but definitely “cold” in comparison to “chilly” as of late. No winter coats yet or anything, but there’s definitely something brewing with the weather! Ahh, Calgary, how I love thee :)

    And thanks so much! I’m really looking forward to the interview and getting everything squared away for the new school year. I hate being in limbo!