Ok so this is more of an announcement and plug for our gallery than it is a true blog, but bear with me. The putting up and decorating of our Christmas tree was a lot of fun and it turned out really well, so I can’t help but share and show it off proudly.

We found these really spiffy blue lights at Canadian Tire and their overall effect with the generic blue and silver/white ball ornaments is really beautiful. The lights give off this soft blue glow unlike any other lights I’ve ever seen on a tree. We’re actually making a few ornaments ourselves, too! So far it’s got a handpainted scooby doo ornament I made a few years ago, and as of last night, two cute stuffed snowmen ornaments that we made.

Now I know you want to see pics, so head over to the gallery and see them for yourself :) (under misc/christmas tree 2006) :D

2 Responses

  1. The gallery started playing music at work and I didn’t know where it was coming from.

    The pics are too cute – you have a bigger tree than our little 3 foot fake plastic wonder. We’re not allowed real ones in our building *sigh*. You’re going to get holiday cards made up with this pic aren’t you :p ?

  2. Not allowed real ones? Awwe, that\’s silly, I\’m sorry to hear that :( Ours is fake, too, about 5.5 feet tall – it\’s one I was given a few years ago for my first apartment. My parents shipped it out to us, and I think it took a grand total of 7 minutes to put together. The decorating didn\’t take too long, either. We spent more time making the stuffed snowmen than anything, lol :)

    Thank you for reminding me about Christmas cards. I just realized today that I\’ve got barely over 1 week before we go to Penticton, which means I better get all of my Christmas gifts finished AND all of our Christmas cards made and mailed, too. Ack!