As Lucas mentioned in his recent post, we have moved! We lucked out and found a gorgeous new house that was just recently built in a newly developed neighbourhood. The house was finished being built a week before Christmas, and thanks to the help of Michelle, Jeff, and Jeremy, we successfully moved in last Saturday. It took two full UHAUL trips and a lot of blood, sweat and tears… but we’re finally mostly settled in. The house is so new that it doesn’t even have grass yet, much to Oliver’s disappointment; the builders plan to lay the sod for our yard in the spring. It has hardwood floors throughout the main floor, carpet upstairs, and together the two floors are just over 1400 square feet. That doesn’t include the additional 700 square feet that make up our unfinished basement! We have lots of glorious space — almost more than we know what to do with — and it’s a dream come true. I think Oliver loves the abundance of the big spacious windows the most; his favourite new place to be is either in the front office or lounging lazily on the middle landing of the carpeted staircase so he has the perfect view out the window over the foyer. And it was like the builders had our little family in mind when they put in the tall, skinny window alongside the front door — it’s the perfect width and height for Oliver to greet visitors, framing him perfectly.

So that’s what’s been keeping us busy lately. We’ve got most of our things put away in the new house where we want them and are working on the finishing touches to truly make the place feel like home. Luckily there’s an IKEA nearby to help with that ;) We have a few pictures of the new place, empty, that I managed to get with my older digital camera before we moved in.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this year Lucas and I got each other tickets to see Serj Tankian perform his new solo album live at Mac Hall in March. I can’t wait! Serj is one of the lead singers for my favourite band, System of a Down, and I wasn’t sure it could get much better than when Lucas treated me to seeing them live last July at the Saddledome… but somehow, the idea of seeing Serj perform solo in a smaller venue seems even more above and beyond wonderful. Lots of excitement so far in 2008. Life never ceases to disappoint! Have a fantastic February :)

4 Responses

  1. That place kicks ass!!

    I am sorry I didn’t help you guys move…but I was moving as well it turns out. I have a new place too, hopefully we can see each others places some time soon.

    And some sort of party needs to be had :)

  2. Thanks! And it’s quite alright — for some reason in the back of my mind I knew you were going to be moving, too. How’s YOUR new place? We’ll have to check it out soon! Not sure if we have any plans for a housewarming per se, but maybe we’ll do a poker night housewarming for the poker/rummoli crew now that we have room for a nice big table in the dining room for such things, lol :)

  3. mmmm….poker :) hold em or 5 card or a combination of multiple games? i love losing money at it all lol :P

  4. Hmmm you love to lose money? You’re invited! haha — we have a friend, Craig, who always seems to win. Typically we do Texas Hold Em, though we have been known to get a little wild and crazy and play a little 5 Card. That’s how exciting we are! I’ll definitely let you know whenever we finally do get around to arranging the next poker night!