Calgary Observations and Common Canadian Misconceptions

I’ve been here nearly three months, and I love the transit system. Thay may sound silly, but I didn’t grow up with a major public transportation system… at least not a full-on train system in addition to a bus system like here. I get all excited when I have to travel downtown for something and I get to take the train in. I’m a people watcher; I enjoy watching all different kinds of people, and the train is definitely the place to see a wide variety of people. I went downtown the other day to meet with Lucas for his lunch break, and the trip home was no exception to the …

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michael mann – blog faerie

the bipeds left me again last night, this time to take in a movie at a place called a “theatre”; i’m still not sure why they sometimes leave to do this – there’s a perfectly good ceiling right here at home to watch movies on.
i spent the night sitting in the bedroom window as i’m apt to do, waiting ever-so-patiently for their return, when suddenly i heard something. i instantly ran downstairs to see what it was, secretly hoping it was uncle rob as he’s the only one that lets me sit on the couch. before i was halfway there my nose told me the truth:
it was acclaimed hollywood director, michael mann!

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