I’ve decided that I get way too emotionally attached to tv shows. Lucas gets me hooked on these series, and then they end, and it’s devestating for me. First it was The Office (the British original) and now Rome. Last night was the season finale, and I’ve been informed that there will be no further seasons. It’s so depressing! There was so much unfinished business and so much more story to tell… ugh. I think Lucas gets a kick out of how seriously I get into these shows.

Easter is almost upon us, and I can’t believe it’s the first weekend in April. April is next week! I hurridly went out and mailed our handmade Easter gifts to my family and our friends in the states to ensure they’d arrive on time, and plan to mail off the ones for Lucas’ family next Monday. I must say that they are a combination of pure genius. (not genuis!) I’ll perhaps share after Easter, but if you want a sneak peak, you can check my deviantArt gallery here.

We’ve been working on a store website for my handmade goods, and the front end is done and awaiting a functional admin backend and then I’ll be in business! I say “we” loosely – I sketched out the design I had in my head for the site, and Lucas did all of the complex stuff, including all of the fancy schmancy PHP coding that makes it run smoothly and look so professional. I’m really excited! Recently I was contacted and asked if I would be willing to submit a plush cake (like the one I made my dad for his birthday last year) to this cafe in the UK called Cafe Kino to be part of the display at its one year birthday celebration in May. I was told I could include business cards (which I need to make!) along with any plush food I designed and sent for “the cause” and that if anyone purchases my wares there, I would receive the money for it. I’m all for idea — there’s something neat about the idea that my plush cake will be seen by people so far away and that I could potentially pick up real customers from the exposure. I’ve already cut out the pieces to make another plush cake just for the occasion. Hopefully we can get the store website up and running and get business cards made before I ship the items to the UK in late April so that anyone who takes a business card can actually check out a functional website and see what else I make, and maybe even order something from me! Not bad for someone just doing what they enjoy as a hobby :)

On the Immigration front, all is calm. The calm before the storm perhaps? There’s been no change on the website, but the last time I talked to a human being at the office there, I was told April/May/June. I’m really hoping it’s sooner rather than later, but I’m starting to get that light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel feeling, and I like it. I’ve sent off my credentials to be examined by the Alberta Education Office in Edmonton, and they have received it, but are just waiting for a few other items, such as proof of a PR card and work permit, which hopefully aren’t too far off. Indiana University has sent off my transcripts and the Indiana State Professional Standards Board has supposedly sent off my credentials as well. Here’s hoping! I’d really love to be able to teach, even if it’s just subbing, this next school year. A full-time sub position would be fantastic and would allow me the opportunity to check out the composition and feel of many different schools in the Calgary Board of Education’s scope so I know where I’d like to apply for a more long-term committment in the future. I don’t think that’ll be much of a problem considering the seemingly huge shortage of teachers and desperate need for employees in all fields here in Calgary. Cross your fingers!

So Immigration is saying sometime in the next couple months, and so hopefully that means I can travel then, too. I miss my family. My parents came up in October, but I haven’t seen my little brother and his fiancee or my grandparents since June last year, and I’m more than painfully aware it’s getting close to the full year mark since I’ve seen them. I miss all of my family and friends of course, but I really miss Herm. And I can’t wait to see my parents’ new Dachshund puppy, Rudy, and Herm and Holly should have their new Dachshund puppy by then, too.

Alright, enough babbling for now – there’s an old Godzilla movie calling my name! <3

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  1. So here I am, just get home from my band mates, and seen you blogged. Nice work with the lushy stuff. I hope people DO buy your stuff and you get famour, then we’ll be famous together! The disc is almost ready so, I propose a trade! You give me a sample plushy when I give you a disc, and we’ll spread the word about each others art. It’s up to you.
    Good luck with becoming a Canadian,You know you are one at heart anyhow.

    Godspeed!….of Wood!

  2. You’re a sweetheart. It’s totally a deal! I was wondering how the disc was coming along, that’s really great that you’re almost done for that April personal deadline you set! :) I can’t wait to hear it. What do you want me to make for the trade? Some of the stuff I make is pretty “cutesy” :\

  3. wait, scratch the “what do you want me to make?” question – I’ve got just the thing. *evil grin* … unless of course you do have a special request, and I’d be more than happy to do that, too :)

  4. yeah i was just thinking where did the year go so far?!? gratz on the crafting (you were always good at that as i recall :P) also future congrats on the immigration front, i need to get my passport so i can fly to california in september :)

  5. lol I know! I’ve almost been here a year now! And what a great year it has been :)

    Thanks for the congrats :) I won’t be ‘canadian’ but I’ll have a PR card. I think they’ll first contact me to say that I can apply for a work permit/travel in Mayish, and then it still takes a little bit longer before the PR card is in my hand. Hey, if I can travel and work, I’ll be happy :) The rest should all fall into place then (I hope) *crosses fingers* :)

    How have you been? Not chatted with you in awhile. Anything new? :)

  6. Oh I love suprises :) The Disc may be delayed a bit, but not much, we’re a bit more focused now. I’m excited, for your thing and mine.

    I’m looking forward to the Lesley becoming a Canadian bash….you’ll have to have one. :)

  7. You’re gonna love what I’ve made! Even if the disc is delayed a bit, I’m not sure I can hang on to this thing for much longer without bursting… I will have to give it to you next time I see you. It’s by far and away my absolute favorite plush I’ve made to date, and now I want to make more!

    And once I get official word from Immigration that I’m all squared away, you better believe there will be a party! Good idea :)

  8. not too much happening here…still playing wow, working for Telus Mobility now in the call center, just spent a fortune on a new computer and some totally unnecessary accessories (like monitor swing arms for both my monitors lol)