Click this link. Now. “Clash” Remake Lands a Titan of a Screenwriter.

No words are needed for the level of awesomeness that this link provides. Well, let me clarify with just a few short words at least. It’s going to be hard to replace Laurence Olivier and Harry Hamlin and make me happy, so I’m really interested in finding out who will make the cast list in this one. The author of the above link comments that he hopes Lawrence Kasdan leaves out Bubo in the remake… he better not! And please make the Kraken in the 2008 version better with more screen time and visibility than the pathetic Pirates of the Caribbean Kraken from last year. And while we’re on the topic of special effects… whoever does the special effects for the 2008 version should keep in mind that part of the draw of the original has to do with the brilliance of Harryhausen’s special effects work, so keep it simple! Ok. I’ll stop there. I hold this movie near and dear to my heart, so I’m totally stoked that it’s getting a face lift… I’m just harboring a little anxiety on how a movie that I have placed so high up on a pedestal is going to be redone. Here’s hoping it’s done well!

Oh! Quick plug for our gallery – we just got back late Monday evening from spending a long weekend in BC, and I’ve put up some pictures in our gallery under Travel -> British Columbia Spring 2007.

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  1. Aieeeeeee Tom this song is fab! It sounds so great! I hope I don’t sound ignorant, but I was trying to remember your band’s name. The song file is Delicate Angel: So Corrupted, so I was trying to decide if Delicate Angel is the name you finally decided on or if that’s just the full title. I remembered a couple other names you had been toying with. Anyway, I really really liked the song a lot!! Thanks so much for sharing it; I can’t wait for the CD. And it’s ok if it’s delayed, it’s been a busy month for you two from what I remember you telling me.

    I have a plushie for you that I am dying to give to you – we should get together soon! What are you doing this weekend? Lucas’ mom is in town for a couple weeks so we’re kinda hanging out and not sure what to do this weekend. Maybe we should organize a “let’s hang out and play games and drink” night or something, haha.