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week 13 - 52 collages 2014 - thekarpiuks

Week 13 – 52 Collages 2014

Not only was it frozen outside this week, (at the end of March?!) but it was also Frozen inside… Liam has caught the Disney Frozen bug. We’re slightly obsessed with the movie as well as the song, Let it Go. Liam likes to sing along and act out the song with the main character, Elsa. We’ve probably watched the movie 20 times already! (Side note: it’s on right now as I type this.) 

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week 12 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuks

Week 12 – 52 Collages 2014

Spring has officially sprung, but we’re still not seeing spring-like temperatures yet. Rumor has it we’re in for another deep freeze and a little potential snow next week, so even though the calendar says it was the first day of spring, Mother Nature didn’t seem to get the memo. Either way, Liam was able to get outside with his classmates this week and race on the track, and it was St. Patrick’s Day so of course I had to dress Lila up in a cute green headband I’d made her for a photo. We started seeing some baby smiles this week and we can’t get enough of them! Speaking of not being able to get …

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Week 11 - 52collages 2014 - thekarpiuks

Week 11 – 52 Collages 2014

Just when I think it’s starting to feel like spring, it gets cold again. After a weird inch or so of snow early in the week, we got a burst of warm sunshine and spring-like weather. By the time I’m writing this weekly recap on Sunday, though, it’s already back down to 30F. Figures. 

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