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Update: Operation Geekling Dinosaur Project

It’s been over a month since our call for submissions went out about dinosaur art for our geekling’s nursery wall, and in that time, we’ve received so many amazingly fantastic pieces of dino artwork from all over the world! I thought I’d take a moment to show you how it’s going and update you on the project’s progress.
Last weekend we went out and bought the first round of frames for the artwork we’d received so far and began hanging it on the wall. Call me crazy, but we have around 8 weeks left and suddenly it seems SO CLOSE, and somehow, hanging dinosaur art on the nursery walls helped me to feel like we were …

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Call for Submissions: Operation Geekling Dinosaur Project

(Update! Read the follow up blog post: Update on Geekling Dinosaur Project and the letter we wrote: Dear Liam, Let Me Tell You the Story of Your Dinosaur Room at the project’s one year anniversary date.)
So I had this crazy idea.
It may have a huge turnout, it may flop. But no matter what happens, I think it would be a really cool way to decorate a room.
In this case, I was thinking about the geekling’s room and how to decorate it. Our “theme” is dinosaurs, but we are renting right now so painting is out of the question. That means the décor is dependent on the wall hangings. Last week our friend @katiedoyle mailed us a painting …

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We’re Having a BOY!

Today we had the big ultrasound appointment we’d been waiting for; the one where they do all of the measurements and check to make sure everything is developing properly. But we were also looking forward to this appointment because this would be when they’d tell us whether we were having a boy or girl geekling, and we just couldn’t wait to find out.
Without a doubt, we’re having a little baby boy – a mini Lucas! We are tickled pi… blue? and so very excited!
The best news was hearing them tell us how perfect everything looked. We were AMAZED at the things they could see on the ultrasound today, and what things they could tell about …

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