Look What We Made: Owl Hand Print Art

When we were expecting Liam, people from all over the world sent us dinosaur artwork to add to a large dinosaur collage wall in the nursery. With Lila we’re going with an owl theme. This time around it’s been so much fun creating lots of different owl artwork with Liam to hang in his baby […]

Look What We Made: Easy Stenciled Canvas Art

Not only do stenciled paintings on canvas look awesome, they’re the PERFECT project for toddlers. I could let Liam go wild with paint and still end up with a specific image, too. The finished result was a clean image in white (since we used white canvases) and Liam’s masterful painting all around it. We did […]

One Crafty Holiday: Our Project Round Up!

Though we update the blog at least once a week with our 52 Collages project, it’s been awhile since we’ve had just a regular old blog post. It’s been a magical couple of weeks home on winter break, and we spent a lot of time crafting for various projects (both Christmas gift related and baby […]