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I love you. ... I know.

Han Solo Meets Princess Leia and they share the Millennium Falcon

I love you. … I know.
Liam sure is proud of his Millennium Falcon. He’s gotten lots of emails about it over the past few weeks. No one was more impressed by his sweet ride than his girlfriend, Emerald, though. When Emerald and her parents (Our good friends Jake and Jenn) visited us this week, our little Han Solo couldn’t wait to share with his Princess Leia. You know we had to take pictures, right? I’ll let them tell the story.

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December Ambushed Me… Again

I know others out there can relate: You’re walking along, minding your own business and suddenly KAPOW! Ambushed and tackled to the ground by December. Even though it snuck up on me last year, too, (And last year I swore I’d be better prepared this year!) somehow December continues to ambush me. Every. Year.

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We’re Officially Grown-Ups

I don’t know why, (since it’s completely ridiculous) but I’ve always considered a few certain milestones in life to be a requirement before one could consider themselves a true grown-up. Those milestones (for me) included getting married, buying a car, having kids, and buying a house. You know, grown-up stuff. Real commitments and responsibilities. So let’s see…
Get married? Check.
Buy a car? Check.
Have kid(s)? Check.
Buy a house? CHECK.

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