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Somehow, it’s Christmas

Wow, somehow it’s almost Christmas. (yay!) Wow, I’m almost 30. (boo!) and a lot has happened since our last post in June. (That kinda rhymed.) Let me give you the quick rundown.
1. We spent a fantastic belated honeymoon/anniversary trip in Nova Scotia in June. (See our last post.) It was wonderful!
2. We moved back to the states (Indiana) at the end of July/first of August.
3. I started teaching Computer Applications at the middle school, and love it.
4. We moved into our own place at the end of October.
5. My brother and sister-in-law had their first child — we’re now an aunt and uncle to one adorable William Herman.
6. We had our first (U.S.) Thanksgiving with …

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Back to School

As most are wrapping up (or already have wrapped up) the last few days/weeks of school, I’m gearing up to take an online course that starts next week. Exciting! I need a few more credits this summer to renew my Indiana State Teaching License in time for the next/upcoming school year, and so I’ve signed up with the University of Phoenix Online. The main course I’m taking is on Classroom Management. We’ll be studying and discussing various classroom management models and examining them for pros and cons. By the end of the class (3 weeks long) we’ll put together a short paper on our ideal classroom management model, hopefully containing bits and pieces from the various …

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Baby Geese

Normally I’m not a fan of Canadian geese. I know you’re wondering how this is possible, right? I live in Canada. How could I not adore the Canadian goose? I guess I can’t forget the evil ones that made a nest at the doorway of the old apartment I lived in back in Indiana when Oliver was a puppy. The things trapped me in my car and repeatedly went after baby Oliver at every opportunity, hissing up a storm. You don’t realize just how big Canadian geese are until they’re out of the water and chasing you on land with their wings spread. *shudder* However, I realize they were just protecting their nest. Especially after …

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