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Important News to Share

No, I’m not pregnant. Yet. That seems to be the first thing that everyone asks the minute we say that we have some news to share these days. Slow down, people!
Lately Lucas and I have been talking about our future. We know that one or more children are definitely on the horizon for us; we’re almost ready. But in the midst of talking seriously about starting our own family, it hit us: how can we start a family so far away from family?

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These Boots Were Made for Walking

It occurred to me this week that this is my third official Calgary winter and I do not own a proper pair of winter boots.  Sure I have some dressier looking calf-high boots, but their tread is just not meant for braving the slippery sidewalks of town, which currently are also covered in heavy snow.  This realization became apparent to me this week especially due to the fact that I started my kindergarten teaching job on Monday and now I walk 11 blocks from the train to school and then 11 blocks back to the train every day. And let’s face it: my old boots from Indiana just weren’t cutting it.  Not only were they …

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Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada! I hope everyone is planning to or has already spent some quality time with family and friends over a feast of delicious food this long weekend.  This is a good time of year to not only stop and think about all of the things you are thankful for, but also to tell those people how much you’re thankful for them, too.  I’ll start by saying how thankful I am for family.  My little immediate family here that consists of Lucas and our boys (the dogs), but also family that we’re far apart from right now, too.  Love to the Karpiuks and Bouthots out in British Columbia and love to the Means, Archer …

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