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Good Things Come in Threes.

“We are pleased to advise you that processing of your application for permanent residence has been approved and completed. The Canada Immigration Centre in Calgary will contact you concerning the appointment to pick up your permanent resident card.”
“You may now apply for an open work permit, which will allow you to work in the occupation and location of your choice.”
I got the two letters yesterday and finally got to read the words we’ve been waiting eight and a half months to hear… Canada has decided they like me enough to keep me! Now the bulk of the process is behind us and I just have to wait for the Calgary office to contact …

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Rome is Over!

I’ve decided that I get way too emotionally attached to tv shows. Lucas gets me hooked on these series, and then they end, and it’s devestating for me. First it was The Office (the British original) and now Rome. Last night was the season finale, and I’ve been informed that there will be no further seasons. It’s so depressing! There was so much unfinished business and so much more story to tell… ugh. I think Lucas gets a kick out of how seriously I get into these shows.
Easter is almost upon us, and I can’t believe it’s the first weekend in April. April is next week! I hurridly went out and mailed our handmade Easter …

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Shorts on a Train

It’s been a bit since I’ve updated, but it’s because we’ve been so busy! Last weekend my parents came up for their first trip to Calgary, and we had a fantastic time. They got in Friday, and we spent Saturday checking out the city and downtown, then Sunday we spent the day in Banff sightseeing and taking in the mountain scenery. We caught the Ladysmith Black Mambazo concert Sunday night, and had breakfast Monday morning before both my parents and Lucas’ flights. That’s right – my parents headed back to the U.S. and Lucas also headed to the U.S. for a business trip in L.A. to work with the MarketWire software …

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