Our Canadian Summer Tour

We sure had a blast this summer. Funny how that time feels like it flew by too fast yet again. One minute it was Liam’s birthday, the next we were in Canada, and suddenly summer break is over and I’m back to work and Liam goes back to daycare/school on Monday. Our summer Canadian vacation […]

A Star Wars First Birthday Party

It’s not every day that a little boy turns one. Naturally, we had to make it a momentous occasion! Liam had a fantastic Star Wars birthday party to celebrate turning a year old. (“Wait, the Karpiuks threw a Star Wars birthday party? We’re shocked!” said no one, ever.) From the Greedo doll we gave Liam, […]

Hello Summer

Though we’ve been writing letters over in the Dear Liam category regularly, I’ve neglected to do a general update in awhile. It’s been a busy few months as usual; one minute it was spring break and the next minute the school year was over. Hello, summer! In my teaching position I work a few extra […]