Liam Adds His Own Dinosaur Artwork to Operation Geekling Dinosaur Project

For those of you who are familiar with Operation Geekling Dinosaur Project, you’ll be happy to know that this week, Liam contributed his very first dinosaur art pieces to his own dinosaur room! If you don’t know what Operation Geekling Dinosaur Project is, (here it is), in a nutshell: the Internet decorated Liam’s nursery before […]

Look What We Made: DIY Bathtub Paint

Christmas break is almost over and in looking back over the past two weeks, I realize that we packed A LOT of fun into our time off together. What a great vacation! This week it’s been really cold outside, and after feeling a little restless, we decided to whip up some bathtub paint to try […]

Goodbye Project365, Hello 52 Collages (Seeya, 2012! Hello 2013)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Guys, I can’t believe we successfully completed our project365 for 2012. it was a HUGE project and I’m proud of us for taking (AND sharing) at least one photo a day every day in 2012. However… I think a once-a-week model is better for us at this busy point in our lives. […]