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Click this link. Now. “Clash” Remake Lands a Titan of a Screenwriter.
No words are needed for the level of awesomeness that this link provides. Well, let me clarify with just a few short words at least. It’s going to be hard to replace Laurence Olivier and Harry Hamlin and make me happy, so I’m really interested in finding out who will make the cast list in this one. The author of the above link comments that he hopes Lawrence Kasdan leaves out Bubo in the remake… he better not! And please make the Kraken in the 2008 version better with more screen time and visibility than the pathetic Pirates of …

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The Departed

Last night we took in Martin Scorcese’s latest movie, The Departed (based on the Hong Kong original, Internal Affairs) with Tom, Rob and Chad in attendance. It certainly wasn’t the best Scorcese I’ve seen – and probably not the best Nicholson, DiCaprio, or Wahlberg (although likely my favourite Damon and Winstone roles yet) – but it was definetely one of the better movies I’ve seen this year, and the best crime story I’ve seen in several.

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michael mann – blog faerie

the bipeds left me again last night, this time to take in a movie at a place called a “theatre”; i’m still not sure why they sometimes leave to do this – there’s a perfectly good ceiling right here at home to watch movies on.
i spent the night sitting in the bedroom window as i’m apt to do, waiting ever-so-patiently for their return, when suddenly i heard something. i instantly ran downstairs to see what it was, secretly hoping it was uncle rob as he’s the only one that lets me sit on the couch. before i was halfway there my nose told me the truth:
it was acclaimed hollywood director, michael mann!

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