Dare I say that spring has arrived?

I’m afraid I might jinx this beautiful weather by mentioning that spring has finally arrived, but I can’t help it. The last two days have been absolutely gorgeous with 70+ in the forecast all week. Dare I say it? SPRING IS HERE!

Cheddar Beer Soup and the Return of Football

Football has returned! Now we just need the hockey season to begin and all will feel complete again. (And side note: Apparently they’ve been showing televised CFL games down here?! … No way! Go Stamps!) Sunday’s opening Bears home game was Liam’s first, and we sure enjoyed dressing him in his little Bears jersey for […]

We’re Officially Grown-Ups

I don’t know why, (since it’s completely ridiculous) but I’ve always considered a few certain milestones in life to be a requirement before one could consider themselves a true grown-up. Those milestones (for me) included getting married, buying a car, having kids, and buying a house. You know, grown-up stuff. Real commitments and responsibilities. So let’s […]